Fresh & Delicious Middle Eastern Cuisine

In our restaurant, we offer our dear guests many of the traditional dishes of Iraq, in a selective cultural environment that is highly distinguished. Although their characteristics do not necessarily express a certain stage in history in the series of development in the Mesopotamia.

Driving Directions to Fetouche

Among these dishes, we have the most famous tradition way to grill fresh-water fish caught daily by fishermen. This unique grilling way is called "Maskuf". The fish is grilled on open fire made of wood of fig or apricot trees which give the fish a distinctive flavor.

Such dishes were directly related to the famous street of Abu Nawas in Baghdad on the banks of the eternal Tigris.

After eating such dishes, Iraqis are used to eating the Dates and drinking tea. Tea is usually enhanced with Cardamom for rich flavor and is left to slowly brew over charcoal.

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