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Monday - Saturday: 11am - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 8pm
Call us at:

(703) 534-0708

Our Address:

1109 W Broad St.
Falls Church, VA 22046

Customer Reviews

Read what some of our customers said about our food and service

  • Thomas Tyler
    Really great food, the Iraqi platter was fantastic, very flavorful and enough food for two. You won't be disappointed.
    Thomas Tyler
  • Harry Aldieny
    Great eatery
    Harry Aldieny
  • Erik Ramsey
    Delicious  middle eastern! Great kabob, wonderful rice. Iraqi style. Friendly  service.
    Erik Ramsey
  • Stephen Summakie
    If you are in the mood for some real middle eastern Kabob, look no further: this little family restaurant might not be much to look at, but the food is Delicious! Best Kabob in Falls church at a very low price. Gourmet food at Fast Food Prices . I am definitely coming back to Fatouche for some good Kabobs!
    Stephen Summakie
  • Mays Alazzawi
    The best restaurant in Virginia ,clean, fresh, and friendly staff.  you should try it.
    Mays Alazzawi
  • Dennis Marksbury
    Food was very good.  Can't attest to it's authenticity, but I enjoyed it!
    Dennis Marksbury
  • Yaseen Almufti
    They have one of the best Qouzi I have eaten in Virginia. If you want to try a good Iraqi food, visiting this place is a MUST!
    Yaseen Almufti
  • Amir Al Shimmarii
    Awesome Iraqi Kabab in town, only two Iraqi restaurant in Washington DC area I believe. The lamb Qouzi is a MUST to try ! The staff are so friendly, the location is just close to West Fall Church Metro station, less than a mile. Will be a chronic flyer for my favorite Home cuisine
    Amir Al Shimmarii
  • Jeri Mae Rowley
    Delicious lamb dinner.  Casual dining.  Saw many takeouts picked up while we were there.  If I lived closer this would be my takeout HQ.
    Jeri Mae Rowley
  • Faris Al Orfali
    The best Iraqi restaurant, best and tastiest kabab in the city .. clean and a good place
  • Sandy Ibrahim
    We ordered the half lamb Qozi and a chicken Qozi for a bridal shower and honestly, everyone was impressed and we are still talking about it. Excellent food, beautiful presentation, competitive pricing, solid service. We will certainly be ordering from you again and thanks for making me look good!!
    Sandy Ibrahim
  • Nashat Nadri
    Loved it. It's a Classic Middle Eastern food featuring “good vegetarian choices” and “some of the best hummus around” fill out the menu of these Lebanese “standbys” frequented by folks who “like to share”. I own a business close by and I started eating there or order from there every other day.
    Nashat Nadri
  • Amani Al Faris
    Very Delicious testy Iraqi food, I tried several restaurants and this is the best. I'm sure when you try their food you will come back again. Thank you Fatouche.
    Amani Al Faris
  • Mohammed Raad
    The best Iraqi food and middle eastern. The food is delicious and wonderful. The staff here and management are great and so great. I love this place and recommend it to every one.
    Mohammed Raad
  • Philip Covington
    Love this place especially for the falafel sandwich and baba ganouche. The people behind the counter are also great.
    Philip Covington
  • Younus Alaameri
    The best Arabic food ever and the best prices. All I can say that the restaurant is the best I have ever seen. Good luck!
    Younus Alaameri
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