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Lettuce, mint, tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, sumac, parsley & onion tossed with olive oil, lemon and pomegranate dressing topped with crispy pita chips.

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Mixed Grill

1 skew of Iraqi Kabab, I skew of Shish Tawok, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. This is one of our most favorite dishes.

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Welcome to Fatouche Restaurant

Stepping into Fatouche is like taking a journey to visit traditional Iraqi culture and heritage as it once was, with a modern twist. Attracting guests from all over the globe, Fatouche steadfastly continues to attract a range of patrons, who come from near and far to taste the renowned Iraqi food first hand. Serving all who grace our doors, Fatouche in special meat grills, other Mediterranean, Oriental, Western and local specialties as well as a choice of desserts, fresh juices and beverage.

  • We serve the best Middle Eastern food in town.
  • Always fresh meat and home-baked bread.
  • Fast and high-quality customer service.
  • Open 7-days a week.
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  Delicious Iraqi Cuisine

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